COMMUNITY for Children's Justice 

A Non-profit Supporting the Summit County Children’s Justice Center 

Breaking News: The Community for Children's Justice, the Friends Board for the Summit County Children's Justice Center, is under contract on a property that will be the CJC's new home.  We are scheduled to close on the property in October 15, 2018 and with your support will open in 2019.  

We need your support now more than ever.

Click here to learn more about our CJC's new home.  Click here to donate now.  Click here to register for our Open House on October 27th.  Click here to learn more about our capital campaign.

The Community for Children’s Justice is a non-profit supporting Summit County Children’s Justice Center by strengthening the overall support system with a fully equipped campus for child abuse victims and their families. 

The Problem:

Utah has the highest reported incidence of child abuse in the country. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18.

Only 2% of the perpetrators are a stranger to the victim, which means the other 98% are friends, relatives, caretakers, or family acquaintances.

Sadly, our mountain town is no exception to these statistics.

Fortunately there is a place where families can begin to put their lives back together. Since its inception in 2012, the Summit County Children’s Justice Center (CJC) has served over 1,500 children of abuse and their families and the number of cases continues to increase annually.

Child abuse affects EVERY area in Summit County. It occurs regardless of socioeconomic status, educational background or ethnicity and the incidence is increasing as our community grows.

While the CJC provides a great service to Summit County, the office space we operate in is temporary. We currently operate out of a county building next to the DMV that lacks the privacy required to heal with dignity, and lacks the space to effectively provide the mental health services to help children heal. 

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"The team of people at the Summit County Children’s Justice Center gave us the support we needed to face our situation. With their help we have been able to heal from the abuse my child endured. We are incredibly grateful our community has a resource like the Summit County Children’s Justice Center."  - Park City resident

"The Summit County Children's Justice Center saved my life.  I was abused as a child and came to the center to tell my story.  When I turned 18, I came back to thank them for the help they had given me.  I want victims of child abuse to know they too CAN recover." - Summit County Resident



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